End of Summer Salutations


As we embark on the end of summer and begin our return to the dark half of the year everything in earth will be drawing within, we can use this time to focus on what we wish to nurture and develop in ourselves during the coming months. It is a time for you to ask yourself what you wish to encourage in your life and prepare yourself for the winter ahead.

During September, October we will be running several retreats where you can take the time to reflect and prepare for the upcoming winter months. Kabinga Retreat is set in the Algarve hills close to the town of Lagos. The peace and tranquility of this elegant country home enables you to relax in a luxurious tranquil environment. Kabinga offers revitalization through yoga, exercise, a balanced nutritional diet, and unrivalled relaxation.

The home becomes your sanctuary of pure self -indulgence, with spa facilities, holistic therapies, daily yoga sessions, gym, tennis, swimming, and country/ beach walks.

Since the launch of Kabinga Retreat in 2014 we have come a long way. With invaluable input from our guests, we have taken the opportunity to improve and enhance the experience we offer at the retreat.

We now start the day at 8.30am with a 90 minute yoga session. The session has been extended from the previous 60 minute class, which we have found prepares and energises you for the day ahead.

This is followed by a power smoothie breakfast and then a lunch at 1.30pm. The evening yoga session will continue as before at 5.30pm followed by dinner at 8pm.


We have introduced one-on-one yoga classes, which allows our guests to work on a particular asana or to help with any injuries or health related issues, these sessions can be booked on your arrival. 

At Kabinga Retreat we place a lot of emphasis on healthy clean eating and the importance of seasonal fresh foods and ingredients. Debbie has recently been certified as a health nutritionist and is able to provide personal nutritional advice.

Our daily menus accommodates gluten or dairy free, vegetarian or vegan diets on request. We have also introduced the option to choose specific weight loss programs such as juice cleanses and raw food diets.

Finally, by the end of the year we will be renovating our website which will include a section on clean eating with recipes, a yoga blog and new online booking forms which shows our availability.

For bookings for our upcoming retreats (September, October and February) use our online booking form.

Kabinga Retreat